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flutes, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, viola, guitar.
1991-2018: 28 mins. approx.

All works can be performed individually, or as part of the larger work.

(i) mirage 1

marimba, violin, viola, guitar.

2018: 2 mins. 15 secs. approx.

(ii) figment

Bb clarinet, trombone, vibes, piano.

2018: 4 mins. approx.

(iii) Glimeren

piccolo, celesta, violin, viola, guitar.

1991 rev. 1998: 8 mins. approx.

glimmer:- v.i. to shine faintly and unsteadily; to flicker; – n. a faint, unsteady light; a flicker [Middle English: glimeren]

“…look to the why and where we are,

look to yourself and the stars…”

from Lemmings, by Peter Hammill.

Glimeren was commissioned by the ELISION ensemble, and premiered by them in Bolzano in November 1991, under the direction of Sandro Gorli.

Score Sample (PDF)

(iv) mirage 2

flute, Bb clarinet, trombone, vibes.

2018: 1 min. 15 secs. approx.

(v) aura

celesta, guitar.

2018: 3 mins. approx.

(vi) Parallaxis

flutes, Bb clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, viola, guitar. 1993 rev. 2016: 9 mins. approx.

parallax:- n. an apparent change in position of an object caused by change in the position of the observer.

Greek. Parallaxis:- para, beside, beyond. allassein, to change – allos, another.

Chambers English Dictionary, 7th. edition.

“…Which can is the best I may?…”

from A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers, by Peter Hammill.

Like any other musical work, Parallaxis can be approached in various ways, but the selection of a different point of observation changes only the observer’s perception of the piece and not the piece itself. Let it suffice to say that Parallaxis deals structurally with development by displacement (in turn and/or in combination) of the various parameters of the basic material.

Parallaxis was commissioned by Libra in 1993, completed in July of that year, and revised in 2016. It is dedicated to Bob, Dean, and Kevin – friends from my days playing in bands in the 1970s and 80s. Parallaxis has a duration of about 9 mins.