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Samples range in length from Excerpts (of a minute or so) to Complete works (of up to 30 minutes) on podcast / youtube / vimeo / bandcamp pages


…like a Maelstrom

Double Concerto for piano, trumpet in C, & small orchestra (2 x perc, strings)

Video Complete:

Audio Complete:

Arcko Symphonic Ensemble / Timothy Phillips

Soloists : Peter Dumsday (piano), Bruno Siketa (trumpet).

Percussion: Peter Neville, Amy Valent Curlis. Violins: Zachary Johnston, Susan Pierotti, Philip Healy, Larissa Aguiar, Felicite Heine, Leigh Raymond, Naomi Durston, Atilla Kuti. Violas: Phoebe Green, Christian Read. Cellos: Caerwen Martin, Jennifer Mills. Basses:  Rebecca Scully, Nicholas Synot.

Shades of Futures Past

Concerto for flute/alto flute/piccolo, & small orchestra (3 x perc, piano, strings)

Video : Excerpt (Vimeo)

Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

Arcko Symphonic Ensemble / Timothy Phillips

Soloist : Sarah Beggs.

Percussion: Peter Neville, Leah Scholes, Arwen Johnston. Piano: Peter Dumsday. Violins: Liz Welsh, Charlotte Ryssenbeek, Zach Johnston, Marion Rothschild. Violas: Phoebe Green, Catherine Turnbull. Cellos: Charlotte Jacke, Paul Zabrowarny. Basses: Anita Hustas, Chloe Smith



for Orchestra (2222, 2231, timpani, 1 x perc, harp, strings)

Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

West Australian Symphony Orchestra / Kenneth Young

Jericho’s Strange

for Orchestra (3333, 4331, 2 x perc, piano, strings)

Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

Queensland Symphony Orchestra / Sir William Southgate

String Orchestra

…floating in the void…

Audio Complete: 

Arcko Symphonic Ensemble / Timothy Phillips:
Violins: Andrea Keeble, Philip Nixon, Elizabeth Welsh, Sarah Curro, Gretchen Anderson, Alison Rayner, Lynette Rayner. Violas: Ceridwen Davies, Christian Read. Cellos: Caerwen Martin, Michelle John. Bass: Nicholas Synot

Large Ensemble


for 10 players (flute / alto flute / piccolo, oboe / cor anglais, Eb / Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass)

Audio : Complete – ABC podcast (mp3)

Elision / Mark Knoop:

Paula Rae (flutes), Stephen Robinson (oboe/cor anglais), Carl Rosman (Eb/Bb clarinet), Richard Haynes (Bb bass clarinet), Ben Marks (trom), Peter Neville (perc), Liz Sellars (vln), Erkki Veltheim (vla), Séverine Ballon (vc), Joan Wright (cb)

String Quartet


Audio Complete:

Silo String Quartet

Percussion Quartet


for percussion quartet (mixed instruments)

Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

SPEAK Percussion / Eugene Ughetti:

Peter Neville, Steve Falk, Justin Marshall, Daniel Richardson


for keyboard percussion quartet (glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba)

Audio : Complete (mp3)

SPEAK Percussion:

Minako Okamoto (glock), Eugene Ughetti (xyl), Justin Marshall (vbs), Rory McDougall (mba)

Mixed Quartet

Puck (transcription) 

for flute, violin, viola, and cello

Video Complete:

Johanna Selleck (flute), & members of Silo String Quartet.


…only the living…

for piano, violin, and cello

Video Complete:

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Tim Veldman (violin), Alister Barker (cello)

Solo : piano

Dancing to the Tremors of Time

Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)


Audio : Excerpt (mp3)

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

Agité III

Audio Complete:

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

Solo : strings

Torque (solo viola)

Audio Complete:

Phoebe Green (viola)

Solo : winds

Blitz (solo flute)

Audio : Complete (mp3)

John McMurtery (flute)

Schräg (solo trombone)

Audio Complete: 

Barrie Webb (trombone)