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On the Verge of Becoming

On the Verge of Becoming

percussion, harp, guitar, piano/celesta, violin, viola.

2008-2021: 26 mins. approx.

All works can be performed individually, or as part of the larger work.

(i) Something Will Be

glock/marimba, harp, piano, viola

2020: 7 mins. 30 secs. approx.

Something Will Be by James Gleeson
© Gleeson O’Keefe Foundation (used by permission)

(ii) Incipience

guitar, celesta, violin

2020: 2 mins. approx.

(iii) Imminence

marimba, harp, violin

2008 rev. 2020: 6 mins. approx.

(iv) Emergence

glock/marimba, guitar, piano, violin, viola

2020: 2 min. 45 secs. approx.

(v) …morning steals upon the night…

vibes, harp, guitar, celesta, violin, viola

2019: 5 mins. approx.

(vi) Nascence

marimba, harp, guitar, piano, violin, viola

2021: 2 mins. 15 secs. approx.