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piano, glockenspiel/xylophone, vibraphone.

2014-2021: 21 mins. approx.

All works can be performed individually, or as part of the larger work.

(i) Sinuosity

glockenspiel + piano.

2017: 5 mins. 30 secs. approx.

“The sinuosity of my thought depends on the exterior conditions in which I find myself, on perceptible experiences which modify me, and finally on the law of association of ideas which does not force me to fix my thought, nor to cause it to turn in a circle, nor to make it follow a straight line…”

from The Metamorphoses of the Circle by Georges Poulet(translation: Carley Dawson & Elliot Coleman in collaboration with the author)

(ii) InDecision

xylophone + piano.

2021: 2 mins. 15secs. approx.

(iii) Alter(n)ations

vibraphone + piano.

2014: 6 mins. 30secs. approx.

(iv) …this certainty…

gl/xyl + vibraphone + piano.

2016: 7 mins. approx.

“I act with complete certainty.
But this certainty is my own.”

from On Certainty, by Ludwig Wittgenstein.