Works for plucked strings (solo, solo + 1, duo, & trio)


Three things

harp, guitar, mandolin.

2008 rev. 2016: 5 mins. 45 secs. approx.


"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

                                                                                        Siddhärtha Gautama.


Agité V


1998 rev. 2019: 5 mins. approx.


Agité V - commissioned by Marshall McGuire in 1997 - was originally completed in 1998 and premiered in that form at the 1999 Sydney Spring Festival, where it shared the Marienberg Award for Most Outstanding New Australian Composition. Later revised, it belongs to a series of solos that are all somewhat disturbed in nature and explore some of the more aggressive characteristics of the instruments involved.

Score Sample (PDF)


Marshall McGuire a yellow wood...

2 guitars.

2011: 5 mins. 45 secs. approx.


“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could…”

                                                        from The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.


Fret (Agité IV)


1992 rev. 2010: 5 mins. 25 secs.


Fret (Agité IV) takes its more individual title from both the obvious link with the instrument, and from the relationships between other meanings of the word itself and various aspects of the piece.


agitate, disturb, enrage, irritate, torment, vex;

adorn, diversify, variegate;

an interlaced angular design.

Fret (Agité IV) was commissioned by ELISION and premiered in Melbourne in October 1993 by Stefano Cardi, who also gave its European premiere in Chiaravalle, Italy, in January 1994.

Score Sample (PDF)

Stefano Cardi


...of two minds...

glockenspiel, guitar.

2008 rev. 2019 : 5 mins. 30 secs. approx.


...of two minds... started life as a duo for alto flute and guitar, and was premiered in that form by Carla Rees and David Black at All Saints Church, Oakleigh Park, London on 23/3/2009. I was however, never completely satisfied with the work, and decided in 2019 that it would be more worthwhile if recast for glockenspiel and guitar.


Carla Rees & David Black.

Photo: Derek Rees



guitar + percussion.

2001 rev. 2009: 6 mins. 50 secs.


Although performance without amplification is certainly permissible, the ideal performance set-up will provide amplification such that any audience member will - as far as possible [given budgetary considerations, availability of appropriate technology and physical space/venue limitations for any individual performance] - experience the piece as follows:

Guitar and Vibes:

quasi surround sound with the effect of frequency dependent panning from front to back [not left to right] through the range of 0° to 120°, [based on the understanding that centre stage/performer position = 0°, centre of space/position of ideal listener = 90°, and mid-point of rear wall of space = 180°] i.e. if an ascending scale covering the complete range of each instrument was to be played, the listener should feel the music gradually physically approach and ‘pass through’ to a point just behind them, i.e. over the shoulder, not to the back of the hall!


complete surround sound: the crotales should speak as if played inside the listener’s head!




2004: 6 mins. 15 secs. approx.


Semplice was premiered by Geoff Morris in Melbourne in November, 2008.

Geoffrey Morris


Akkord II


1997: 4 mins. 30 secs.


Akkord II was premiered by Norio Sato at the Melbourne International Festival in October 1998, with its European premiere featuring Gisbert Watty in Prato (Italy) in 2007.


Norio Sato

Akkord II is published in "Australian Guitar Miniatures" from Red House Editions. ISBN 0 9587342-3-2


Agité II


1989: 5 mins. 30 secs.


Agité II is dedicated to Stephen Morey, who commissioned the work and premiered it in Melbourne on 9/8/1990. Its first European performance was given by Michael Hooper in York in May 2009.


(L to R) Stephen Morey -- Michael Hooper

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