...samples range in length from Excerpts (of a minute or so) to Complete works (of up to 30 minutes) on podcast / youtube / vimeo / bandcamp pages..


 ...like a Maelstrom (2013 rev. 2014)

Concerto for piano, trumpet in C, & small orchestra (2 x perc, strings) 

  Excerpt : 3 minutes approx.

  Complete : 29 minutes approx.

 Complete : 29 minutes approx.

Arcko Symphonic Project / Timothy Phillips 

Soloists : Peter Dumsday (piano), Bruno Siketa (trumpet)

Percussion: Peter Neville, Amy Valent Curlis. Violins: Zachary Johnston, Susan Pierotti, Philip Healy, Larissa Aguiar, Felicite Heine, Leigh Raymond, Naomi Durston, Atilla Kuti. Violas: Phoebe Green, Christian Read. Cellos: Caerwen Martin, Jennifer Mills. Basses:  Rebecca Scully, Nicholas Synot.


Puck (transcription) (2014)

for flute, violin, viola, and cello


Johanna Selleck (flute), Aaron Barnden (violin), Ceridwen Davies (viola), Caerwen Martin (cello)


Torque (2013)

for viola 


Phoebe Green (viola)


Proxima (2001 rev. 2011)

for string quartet


Silo String Quartet

Violins: Aaron Barnden & Atilla Kuti. Viola: Phoebe Green. Cello: Caerwen Martin.


Shades of Futures Past (2003 rev. 2010)

Concerto for flute/alto flute/piccolo, & small orchestra (3 x perc, piano, strings) 



Arcko Symphonic Project / Timothy Phillips  

Soloist : Sarah Beggs. 

Percussion: Peter Neville, Leah Scholes, Arwen Johnston. Piano: Peter Dumsday. Violins: Liz Welsh, Charlotte Ryssenbeek, Zach Johnston, Marion Rothschild. Violas: Phoebe Green, Catherine Turnbull. Cellos: Charlotte Jacke, Paul Zabrowarny. Basses: Anita Hustas, Chloe Smith


re-fract (2009)

for piano 


Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)


...only the living... (2000 rev. 2009)

for piano, violin, and cello



Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Tim Veldman (violin), Alister Barker (cello)


Blitz (2006)

for flute 


John McMurtery (flute)


...floating in the void... (1995 rev. 2005)

for string orchestra 


Arcko Symphonic Project / Timothy Phillips : 

Violins: Aaron Barnden, Andrea Keeble, Philip Nixon, Elizabeth Welsh, Sarah Curro, Gretchen Anderson, Alison Rayner, Lynette Rayner. Violas: Ceridwen Davies, Christian Read. Cellos: Caerwen Martin, Michelle John. Bass: Nicholas Synot


Schräg (2003)

for trombone 


Barrie Webb (trombone)


DisTanz (2002)

for percussion quartet (mixed instruments)  


SPEAK Percussion / Eugene Ughetti :

Peter Neville, Steve Falk, Justin Marshall, Daniel Richardson


Sphinx (1994 rev. 2001)

for 10 players (flute / alto flute / piccolo, oboe / cor anglais, Eb / Bb clarinet, Bb bass clarinet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, 'cello, double bass) 

  Complete : 14 minutes approx.

ABC New Music podcast

Elision / Mark Knoop : 

Paula Rae (flutes), Stephen Robinson (oboe/cor anglais), Carl Rosman (Eb/Bb clarinet), Richard Haynes (Bb bass clarinet), Ben Marks (trom), Peter Neville (perc), Liz Sellars (vln), Erkki Veltheim (vla), Séverine Ballon (vc), Joan Wright (cb)


Eirenicon (2000)

for Orchestra (2222, 2231, timpani, 1 x perc, harp, strings) 


West Australian Symphony Orchestra / Kenneth Young


Agité III (1992 rev. 2000)

for piano 


Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)


Cogs (2000)

for keyboard percussion quartet (glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba) 


SPEAK Percussion:

Minako Okamoto (glock), Eugene Ughetti (xyl), Justin Marshall (vbs), Rory McDougall (mba)


Jericho's Strange (1995)

for Orchestra (3333, 4331, 2 x perc, piano, strings) 


Queensland Symphony Orchestra / Sir William Southgate

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