Several of my works have titles taken from paintings by the late and great Australian surrealist James Gleeson (1915-2008).

He not only created fascinating visual imagery - I am particularly intrigued by many works from the last ten years or so of his life -  but he also had a particular way with words when it came to selecting names......

So far I have been unable to resist borrowing titles from these four works, and I strongly suspect that in the future I will draw inspiration from others as well.


Dancing to the Tremors of Time : for piano solo.

(2017: 24 mins. approx.)

Dancing to the Tremors of Time by James Gleeson


Figuration in search of identity : for percussion solo* - assorted instruments.

[* with performance options for 1, 2, or 4 players].

(2011: 27 mins. approx.)

Figuration in Search of Identity by James Gleeson


Tentative Calm : for percussion solo - assorted instruments.

(2014: 4 mins. 30 secs. approx.)  

Tentative Calm by James Gleeson


Eden adjusted... : acousmatic.

(2013: 7 mins. approx.)   

Eden adjusted by climate change by James Gleeson

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